Tracy Chapman - Subcity

15. května 2010 v 15:19 | breb |  Tracy Chapman


People say it doesn't exist 
'Cause no one would like to admit 
That there is a city underground 
Where people live everyday 
Off the waste and decay 
Off the discards of their fellow man 

Here in subcity life is hard 
We can't receive any government relief 
I'd like to please give Mr. President my honest regards 
For disregarding me 

They say there's too much crime in these city streets 
My sentiments exactly 
Government and big business hold the purse strings
When I worked I worked in the factories 
I'm at the mercy of the world 
I guess I'm lucky to be alive 

They say we've fallen through the cracks 
They say the system works 
But we won't let it 
I guess they never stop to think 
We might not just want handouts 
But a way to make an honest living 
Living this ain't living 

What did I do deserve this 
Had my trust in god 
Worked everyday of my life 
Thought I had some guarantees 
That's what I thought 
At least that's what I thought 

Last night I had another restless sleep 
Wondering what tomorrow might bring 
Last night I dreamed 
A cold blue light was shining down on me 
I screamed myself awake 
Thought I must be dying 
Thought I must be dying

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